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Two new mystery buttons!?!?!?!

Have you seen the new headder on briastec?  Two new icons have been placed "Login", and "Sign Up"  What could these be?  Stay tuned for more info!!!

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   Josie said


July 22, 2012 at 8:27 pmIve been searching for a cutting fluid dispenser for my floor press for ages.The type that has 2 plastic bottles that are inah-rceangetble, one for dispenser and one for the collector, with the dispenser having a on off valve, and adjustable gooseneck drip.Ive seen them on a few of the new presses at my local harbor frieght, but can not find the system on sale by itself. Reply

Date: 01/22/17    Time: 06:02AM

   Kaylin said


I can\'t believe you\'re not playing with meat-h-t was so helpful.

Date: 01/22/17    Time: 11:59PM

   Tessa said


Apntrepaly this is what the esteemed Willis was talkin\' \'bout. [url=]lbgsokgn[/url] [link=]cibshpd[/link]

Date: 01/23/17    Time: 05:32AM

   arachni_name said



Date: 12/17/17    Time: 09:54AM

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What is Briastec?

Chances are, a lot of you here already know us, and to those of you that don't--we welcome you! We are all about involvement with our members and supporters.

If you're just getting to know us though, allow me to introduce us. We are Briastec, a tight-knit team with big goals in mind. While the company is still small, that's not how we see the world.

The main thing we do here as a software development company is, well, develop software. On the whole, we do this for free (and sometimes open source) and publish the software for our users and supporters to test. If we can make your life easier with our functional solutions and software, then we're pretty happy about it on this end.

Other than our free-to-use and open source software, we're up for more challenging tasks as well. Our devs are always working on projects and are happy to give custom quotes. Have something a little bigger in mind? That's no problem! While consultations are not as free as the software we produce, our devs are well worth the price if you have a larger-scale project that needs special time and attention.

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Today is friday and our developers are getting ready for the weekend but before we close out this week they are starting to work our newest software.  What will it be?  How will you use it?  Check back for more updates next week!  Have a good weekend.

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Creative Criticism

We here at Briastec believe that creative criticism is essential.  If you have any changes or suggestions to either the site site design or how it operates just let us know.  We will be rolling out new software in a week to help you not only as a consumer but a vital part of Briastec.

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